Better Manage Your Workforce
with TimeStar

Flexible scheduling - Efficient time tracking - Detailed reporting

Employee scheduling and time tracking
has never been easier.

With TimeStar, you’ll be able to:
  • Reduce labor costs by cutting overtime expenses 
    30 to 80 percent.
  • Gain instant visibility into your labor resources and be confident your employees are working where and when you need them most.
  • Manage scheduling and shift changes in real-time by allowing employees to pick up and swap shifts any time.
  • Eliminate manual errors by trusting TimeStar with complicated calculations and policies.
  • Log in from anywhere at any time.
Watch the video to learn how you can save time and money with TimeStar.

Easily clock in and out - in the office
or on the road.

Employees will enjoy the convenience of having a variety of options to enter time.
  • Enter time from any computer, any time. Compatible with iOS or Android mobile phones.
  • Clock in and out from any touchtone phone.

Make scheduling a breeze.

Gain a clear view into labor shortages and quickly fill open shifts with real-time communications to available staff.
  • View schedules weeks in advance and make changes at a moment’s notice.
  • Have employees pick up or swap shifts anytime.

End complicated calculations and policies.

Manually calculating complex rules and policies is tedious and prone to errors. TimeStar handles it so you don’t have to.
  • Shift differentials, holiday rules, automated labor allocation, break and lunch rules, union policies, regulatory labor laws are all calculated for you.
  • TimeStar seamlessly manages time-off requests and scheduling changes.

Reduce labor costs with real-time monitoring and alerts.

You’ll have instant visibility into the employee attendance conditions that may be costing your business money.
  • Easily configure TimeStar to automatically alert you when certain events occur, such as impending overtime conditions, work policy violations and procedural errors.
  • Get visibility into who’s in, who’s out and where they’re working.
  • Gain critical insight with detailed reports so you can reduce labor costs.

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